W5 Case Management software: streamline • manage • collaborate

Key Features

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Process Automation

  • Powerful and flexible rules provide comprehensive automation
  • Automate tasks such as note creation, charge creation, document generation, booking change notifications, cancellation notifications, email generation, instant messaging, service creation and updating, SLA keypoint timestamps, workflow interaction, action and response queuing and much more

Document Management 

  • Document sharing
  • Access Management and tracking
  • Document generation - On demand and rule guided
  • Document merging, conversion, distribution
  • Secure Storage

Email & Efax Interfacing

  • Author and Send Email and Efax
  • Drag/Drop Emails 
  • Author and Send SMS messages
  • Email, Efax and SMS are catalogued within the cases
  • Email templates for quick sends

Note management

  • On the fly note taking
  • Note templates for quick easy notes
  • Automatic action auditing notes

Client & Vendor Accounting Functionality 

  • Billing 
  • Payment Processing
  • Fee Schedule Management
  • Accounting Interfacing (QB, Great Plains, HCAI, L&I invoicing)

Business Management Reporting

  • Referrals
  • Service Statistics
  • Performance Stats
  • Revenue & Cost Tracking
  • Business Intelligence Analytics