• Case  Management
    • Handle any kind and any number of cases and services
    • Customize referral entry by case type and client
    • Build service rules and SLA guidelines
  • Robust and dynamic scheduling
    • Single or multi-discipline, provider ratings and credentials combined with conflict checking, availability and client "do not use lists" ensure optimal provider selection
  • Unlimited notes for case, service, claimant, client, vendor, workflow
    • Search, scan, print, secure against authorized access
  • Powerful searches
    • Find anything, recall and reuse, create instant spreadsheets and reports
  • ​Document Management
    • Get Documents onto cases (browse, scan, upload, email, efax)
    • Automatically build documents from templates
    • Classify and organize, lock and protect
    • Scan and use documents from case histories
    • Secured delivery to clients, vendors and attorneys
  • ​Workflow Management
    • Define workflows and timelines
    • Automate tasks such as notifications, emails, report generation
    • Provide instant, task aware instructions to users
    • Monitor and manage deadlines and service status
    • Capture key performance metrics

Key Features

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